Friday, March 8, 2013

"Batman #17" Plot Summary

Writer: Scott Snyder

Joker has Batman tied up in an electric chair in the caves below Gotham. All four Robins and Batgirl are seated with him around a dinner table. They are hooded. When Joker removes the hoods, their faces are bandaged. He then tells Alfred (gassed by Joker venom) to serve the meal. It is the faces of Batman's allies.

Joker has Batman's chair rigged so that if he tries to move, all of his allies will catch on fire. He says Batman loves him and that's why Batman never killed him, not because of some moral rule against killing.

Batman breaks out of his chair, starting the fire, but then hits an emergency water flow overhead that puts the fire out almost immediately. When he takes the bandages off Damian first, he realizes that Joker never cut off their faces. He simply made replicas of them.

Batman chases Joker through the cave tunnels while Joker hits a button and makes the "dining room" fill with Joker gas, causing the allies to fight each other.

Batman seems ready to kill Joker, but Joker loses his footing and falls down a crevice. He is presumably dead.

The allies recover and Bruce tells Alfred that he knew Joker was never in the Batcave because he went to visit Joker in Arkham Asylum a long time ago, practically told Joker who he was, but Joker didn't care. Joker just cared about the game between Batman and himself, not who Batman was underneath the mask.

The allies do not believe that, however, and are keeping their distance from Bruce.

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