Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Batman #18" Plot Summary

Writer: Scott Snyder

Cullen and Harper, brother and sister, go to visit their father, Marcus, in Blackgate. Dad makes fun of Cullen's interest in poetry and his homosexuality and accuses Harper of sicking her "special friend" on him.

Earlier, Batman saved Cullen from an attack and Harper helped Batman by manipulating the power system. Now, despite Batman's orders to the contrary, Harper has been following Batman around. She's become worried about him. He's working non-stop, even during the day, and getting sloppy.

Today, he's losing a fight to a pack of venom-enhanced dogs being beefed up for illegal dog fights. Harper joins the fight to save him. He punches her in the face and yells at her to stop trying to be like him or she's going to die. She yells back at him, saying that Batman doesn't get to run himself ragged with whatever he's dealing with and kill himself. The city needs him.

The next day, Harper goes to see Bruce Wayne because she knows Wayne supports Batman financially. She gives him a plan for something and now he truly appreciates it. He tells her so as Batman that evening as he prepares to watch what she and "Wayne" have prepared. The lights in Wayne Tower spell out the word "Resolve", which serves to strengthen his as he takes the night off to grieve and take care of himself.

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