Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Batman Beyond Unlimited #13" Plot Summary


"Flashdrive" by Derek Fridolfs

40 years ago. Joker used his toxin on Tim Drake and while crazed, Tim killed Joker. Batman, Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon bury Joker up on a mountain. Batgirl is about to reveal her secret identity, but Gordon says he doesn't want to know. When he leaves, Batgirl tells Batman that she's enrolled in the police academy and is going to stop being a vigilante as soon as she helps him set up a vault for dead villains.

Now. Bruce takes Terry to said vault. It is below the Batcave. Someone broke into it last night. Barbara (formerly Batgirl, now police commissioner) has already gone to Harley Quinn's house to question her. Quinn has been on house arrest and hasn't left.

Bruce runs a scan and finds that it was Ronald Tagg who broke in, but he looked like Barbara. Tagg is obsessed with superheroes. He used to work at a superhero museum in Gotham city. He was presumed dead in a lab explosion at Dr. Death's. Now Bruce surmises that the explosion gave Tagg the powers to assume other people's identities.

Bruce tracks Tagg's biosignature to Central City, where the new Flash museum is about to open.

In Central City, the new Flash takes down Rigor Morris, a zombie fella who makes other people into zombies he can control. The new Flash is named Danica and she works at the new Flash museum.

Batman has contacted the Justice League and they are in Central City for opening day. They first put down an attack by Grodd apes and then come face to face with Tagg.

"10,000 Clowns" by Adam Beechen

Terry and Dick Grayson are fighting Doug, the Joker King. Vigilante and Catwoman show up to help, but so does Dana. Doug takes Dana hostage, but she fights him and they fall off the building. A bit of loose rope catches Doug (who is knocked unconscious) while Terry grabs Dana.

Rebel One takes Maxine to Undercloud's base.

"Judgment Day" by JT Krul

Epoq, President of Trillia, blames Superman for freeing the Mangals and starting a war. He tortures Superman and plans to continue doing so in order to exact vengeance. Tyro, leader of the group who captured Superman, is uncomfortable with this. He goes to see Superman and we get the feeling that he is about to free Superman, but then the Mangals attack to break Superman out. They have his S on their chest and consider themselves his followers.

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