Monday, March 18, 2013

"Earth 2 #10" Plot Summary

Writer: James Robinson

Two years ago. Kendra and Khalid were exploring a pyramid in Egypt. Kendra was transformed into Hawkgirl. Khalid found the helmet of Dr. Fate.

Now. Khalid, Flash, and Mrs. Garrick are in the magical dimension of Nabu. Nabu was the most powerful wizard in Egypt. He placed his power in the helmet of Dr. Fate. A wizard named Karel Wotan has summoned the three because he wants Khalid to enter Nabu's tower and retrieve it.

When Khalid puts on the helmet, Nabu's spirit possesses him. When he takes it off, he's left confused. Khalid magically sent the helmet here into the tower to get rid of it and keep it safe. Now Wotan is keeping Mrs. Garrick hostage until Khalid and Flash retrieve the helmet for him.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern learns that the train wreck he and Sam were involved in was caused in order to kill Sam. Green Lantern goes looking for answers and then finds Hawkgirl, who has just wiped out a nest of parademons, and asks for her help.

In the tower, Khalid and Flash run into the Great Beast guardian.

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