Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull #3" Plot Summary

Writer: B. Clay Moore


William Massey became the Skull when the previous one (there have been many) apparently died on a JSA mission. Massey, a regular businessman who was looking after his mentally retarded childhood friend, Nigel, was hired to replace Skull by law offices Teagle & Sons. There, Dr. Moon hypnotized him and gave him the knowledge of each previous Skull.

William has a girlfriend back in London named Judith Lightwood.

The Skulls (Whistling Skulls) are part of the Skeleton Network and are loosely allied with the JSA.

A little boy tips William and Nigel off to a strange cave in the mountains, where they find a large Frankenstein-like laboratory with lots of cadavers and body parts on tables and in preservation tanks.

Meanwhile, the Skeleton Network finds the trap the previous Skull was apparently buried in, but it is empty.

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