Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Justice League #17" Plot Summary

Writer: Geoff Johns

Dr. Shin says that it was Vulko who sabotaged the battleship and caused them to fire on Atlantis, causing Orm to attack the surface.

Aquaman fights Orm, telling him that Vulko was the attacker, not a surface-dweller, but Orm doesn't care. He says Vulko attacked because the surface world corrupted him, turned him against Atlantis as it has also turned Arthur.

Aquaman defeats Orm and Orm yields the throne. Arthur is king of Atlantis once again. The League and the Atlanteans then team up to fight the Trench warriors who are being commanded by Vulko and the Dead King's Scepter.

Seeing that Aquaman has reclaimed the throne, Vulko surrenders the Scepter. He says he orchestrated the attack to make Arthur reclaim leadership over Atlantis because he is the only one who can make it into a great nation.

Using the Scepter, Aquaman sends the Trench back into the ocean. He sends Vulko back to Atlantis for trial, arrests Orm for trial on the surface, and returns to Atlantis himself.

Citizens are afraid to go in the water and so the League decides to start a new Justice League to help make people feel safe again.

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