Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Legends of the Dark Knight #6" Plot Summary


"Gotham Spirit" by Jeff Parker

Batman takes down a gang of robbers who just held up Gotham Spirits liquor store, saving a hostage in the process.

"Dragon" by Michael Avon Oeming

Batman gets a report of homeless people going missing. He investigates and finds a dragon. It is sick, but it's still a battle to take it down. Batman doesn't want to kill it. Killer Croc then shows up and admits he made the dragon, with the help of a scientist, to be part of his family. The dragon dies and Croc sadly carries it off. Batman lets him go.

"Look Inside" by Rob Williams

A Mr. Smith is trying to take over the gangs of Gotham, including Penguin's. Penguin calls in a new guy, an albino who drives an old van. When the albino opens the van's back doors, it shows people what they're most afraid of, paralyzes them with fear, and then he pushes them in. This is what he did to Mr. Smith. Then he started doing it to Penguin's gang.

Penguin asked Batman for help. Batman used Penguin as bait. When the albino opens the van's doors for Batman, he is not afraid. Penguin knows it's because Batman has already faced his greatest fear.

Batman puts the albino in Arkham, but the albino never says a word and no one can figure out who he is.

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